Collective consulting is built on empathy and real results, focused on removing barriers to embedding DEI into a company’s framework. Our comprehensive DEI initiatives are customized, data-driven, and holistic. Moving through assessment, strategy, and implementation phases, we help forward-thinking orgs of all sizes move towards a workplace that is both equitable and representative. Our assessments and audits are the first step in informing a customized strategy to attract and empower employees of all lived experiences.


Assessments & Audits

Knowledge is power, so our consulting practice is both data-driven and human informed. We get real with your team from the get go, diving into qualitative and quantitative insights to fully understand your company's unique DEI challenges before presenting solutions.



You'd never launch a marketing campaign without a cohesive strategy and clear objectives, so why treat your DEI plan that way? We help move insights into action, partnering to create a sustainable roadmap for success and clear OKRs that tie back to your organizational goals.



It’s hard making moves alone! We'll assemble a team of experts to help bring your strategic plan to life. And while we love our clients, we like to think of ourselves as training wheels, focused on gearing you up to carry the work forward without us.


While getting right to work before understanding the root challenges may seem like a faster route to action, we know from experience it's actually the quickest path to building an ineffective DEI program. Our assessments are designed to examine individual and team sentiments around DEI, and our audits evaluate your current systems and processes to uncover barriers to equitable outcomes. Depending on team size and needs, our assessments utilize some or all of the four components below to determine how DEI shows up in your organization.  

Our research and conversations all roll into a cohesive Assessment Report, touching on actionable data, high-level insights, and key themes that serve as the foundation for your strategic plan.

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Why We Start Here

Diving in without an assessment or audit is like self-diagnosing symptoms on WebMD — we all know that rabbit hole does more harm than good. The same holds true for a DEI diagnostic, so trust us... we’re not doctors, but we know a thing or two. We know it can be a little unnerving to peel back the curtain on how people are *really* feeling on your team. Don't worry, we get it (and we've seen it all)! We always handle sensitive information and challenging insights with compassion, not judgment.

Focus Groups
1x1 Interviews
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Rooted in design thinking principles, our multifaceted process brings together leadership and a diverse cross-section of employees to co-create strategies that don't just address the challenges surfaced by employee insights, but align behind a shared, pragmatic vision for the future. As an option, your strategist team can work with you on a roadmap for implementation, laying out clear OKRs, the resources to make it happen, and systems to hold your team accountable from the start.


Clear OKRs are the best way to check your progress and course-correct if need be, to make sure the impact you are expecting is happening.


We tackle both the tactical and transformative to address individual skill-building and smarter systems and processes.

Supported by Leadership

We're all about leadership creating accountability structures for the team and themselves to make sure DEI stays front and center.


Our plans are comprehensive because they're designed to do more than check a box. But even with all the right tools and a clear plan in place, we know it can be helpful to have a little extra support to get you going.

That's why we work with our clients to pinpoint resource gaps and provide additional expertise to address the most common components of folks' DEI plans. Here's a sampling of how we help.

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Collective has provided a safe environment for our employees to share their experiences and through their audit, we’ve been able to identify areas in our business to optimize for more inclusive practices. During each advisory session, I have left gaining greater perspective and feeling motivated by our collaborative discussions. We’re appreciative of the thorough and thoughtful work provided by the Collective team.

– Teri Agricola, People Ops, Binc

ERG's & DEI Councils
Change Management
Implementation Plan
Advisory Hours
Executive Dashboard
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